Thoughts from the Team: What does your ideal 1:1 look like?

Welcome to the third installment of our “Thoughts from the Team” series, where we’re diving deep into the all-important workplace 1:1, and why we place so much emphasis on this particular type of meeting. This week, learn what our pie in the sky, best of the best, most favorite 1:1 conversations look like.

You might remember that this series has covered a few other topics related to 1:1 meetings, including why we think 1:1s are important and what we make sure to cover when we talk to each other IRL or virtually.

This week’s post was a fun one to put together, and we hope you enjoy it as well.

Q: What is your ideal 1:1? As a manager? As an employee?

Robert Kluin (Co-founder): As a manager and employee, I love good conversation and discussion. I love receiving feedback so I can do my best to support the teams and catch items I might be doing that are causing issues—you don’t know if no one tells you. As an employee I appreciate it when my boss is aware of who I am and my work. It is never fun to feel like you’re meeting your boss for the first time every 1:1. As a manager, I love employees being excited and proud about their work and seeking to understand company priorities and sharing their thoughts. I prefer my 1:1s to happen at a table where we’re just focused on good discussion.

Alex Campbell (Engineering): – My ideal 1:1 is 20 minutes of discussing recently completed projects and concluding that everything is going well. I have never been a manager, but I imagine that if I were, I would still like that kind of 1:1.

Maya Shaff (Marketing): As a manager, my ideal 1:1 is at a coffee shop, and I’ve had time to review my notes and important takeaways from previous meetings with that person (shameless plug – Witful makes this way easier). As an employee, my ideal 1:1 is at a brewery, and includes time for me to talk about the successes I’ve had lately (in my head I call this, “Look What a Great Job I’m Doing” time) as well as feedback from my boss about things they think I’m doing well, or not doing well, so I can work on them before our next meeting or over a predetermined amount of time.

Mike Taylor (Product & Customer Experience): I like to walk during these conversations. Get outside for 30 minutes, walk around the block. If it has felt like the two of us have been able to talk with candor and clarity about what is or isn’t going well in our work together, then the 1:1 has been a success. 

Coury Ditch (Engineering): My ideal 1:1 is a leisurely lung-wrenching bike ride up Antelope or Picture Rock trying to talk shop taking massive breaths and 20 heart beats between each word. If that’s not possible, a walk to a bench by the creek can be quite nice.