Witful for job seekers

Make your job search easier (for free!)

Keeping your job search organized is almost as hard as finding a job. Between recruiters, interviews, informational sessions and resume-finessing, there’s a lot going on.

Luckily, Witful can help organize your job search and – bonus! – we offer our tool for free to people considering a job change, actively searching for a new job, or transitioning into a new role. Just email us at hello@witful.com and mention that you’re a job seeker to get started.

Witful is a great resource for making your job hunt smoother. Here are six easy steps to leveraging Witful during your job search:

# 1 – Email us at hello@witful.com to get your free job seeker subscription activated.

#2 – Set up your Witful account by syncing your Google Calendar. All of your calendar events flow into Witful and become Witful ‘tiles’, which automatically connect your meetings, notes and people.

#3 – Create a new (ad-hoc) note titled ‘Interview Questions’ and add to the note every time you come across a question you want to ask, or an insight you plan to share in several of your interviews. Remember, you’re interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing you.

Easily create topic-level notes in Witful to house information you’ll need for every interview call

 #4 – Book a call with two people in your network every week (this can feel scary!). If there’s something you can help them with, offer your time and expertise. Be sure to ask them who you should talk to next before you hang up.

#5Before your meeting, jot down ideas or discussion topics in your meeting note within Witful . During your discussion, keep track of what you need to remember for next time by adding to-dos, and use Smart Tags to send information forward and help you prepare for future conversations.

Keep track of your ideas, discussion topics and to-dos in Witful

#6 – Take a deep breath. It might suck now but it won’t forever. We’ve been there and we’re here to help. You’ve got this.

Job searching is no easy task. We’ve seen Witful help our users by keeping them more organized, and more on point when they go into interviews and conversations that help drive their careers and roles forward. We’re tremendously proud of everyone in our corner of the internet for pushing to imagine their work differently. We’re doing the same every day in Witful, and we hope that offering a free subscription for job seekers is one way we’re making it easier to join us. Email us at hello@witful.com for your free job seeker subscription today.

– The Witful Team